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Welcome to Stringbusters, the guitar string and bass string specialists.
We aim to give you a fast, friendly, expert service at the best prices you'll find.
If you prefer you can also order by phone on 020 8783 9090.

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La Bella Acoustic Guitar StringsMartin Acoustic Guitar StringsPhillipe Bosset Acoustic Guitar StringsPyramid Acoustic Guitar StringsRotosound Acoustic Guitar StringsSavarez Acoustic Guitar StringsThomastik Acoustic Guitar StringsD'Addario Banjo StringsDR Banjo StringsElixir Banjo Strings
La Bella Banjo StringsMartin Banjo StringsRotosound Banjo StringsCleartone Bass StringsD'Addario Bass StringsDR Bass StringsElites Bass StringsElixir Bass StringsErnie Ball Bass StringsEverly Bass Strings
Galli Bass StringsKen Smith Bass StringsKerly Bass StringsLa Bella Bass StringsPyramid Bass StringsRotosound Bass StringsThomastik Bass StringsAquila Classical Guitar StringsAranjuez Classical Guitar StringsAugustine Classical Guitar Strings
D'Addario Classical Guitar StringsGalli Classical Guitar StringsGHS Classical Guitar StringsHannabach Classical Guitar StringsLa Bella Classical Guitar StringsLuthier Classical Guitar StringsMartin Classical Guitar StringsPhillipe Bosset Classical Guitar StringsPyramid Classical Guitar StringsRamirez Classical Guitar Strings
Royal Classics Classical Guitar StringsSavarez Classical Guitar StringsThomastik Classical Guitar StringsCleartone Electric Guitar StringsD'Addario Electric Guitar StringsDarco Electric Guitar StringsDean Markley Electric Guitar StringsDR Electric Guitar StringsDunlop Electric Guitar StringsElixir Electric Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball Electric Guitar StringsEverly Electric Guitar StringsGalli Electric Guitar StringsGHS Electric Guitar StringsKerly Electric Guitar StringsLa Bella Electric Guitar StringsPyramid Electric Guitar StringsRotosound Electric Guitar StringsThomastik Electric Guitar StringsAquila Ukulele Strings

D'Addario Limited Edition Tins with 4 EXLs + 1 FREE NYXL

Free set of strings with selected Dunlop 83 Series copos

Great savings to be had on Elixir Phosphor Bronze 2-Packs

buy a 5 pack of GHS Boomers and get 1 set free


Win a trip to meet Joe and other great prizes with selected Ernie Ball electric, acoustic, and bass strings.

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