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Aquila Nylgut
Gut strings have long been admired by classical guitarists for their excellent attack and brilliant timbre. The drawbacks of gut, high cost, limited life, instability with varying humidity, quality control, led to its replacement by nylon. Aquila Nylgut strings are made from a synthetic gut with the same acoustic properties as organic gut but without the drawbacks. Compared with nylon, Nylgut produces a better sound and stays in tune better, the moisture absorption is less than .1% against the 2.0% of Nylon strings and it has a higher density than nylon without the harsh sound of flourocarbon strings. Now you can rediscover the sound of the 19th and 20th century masters.

Aquila Alabastro Silver Plated CopperAquila Alabastro Silver Plated Copper
Aquila's Alabastro sets feature their Nylgut trebles for a true vintage tone without gut's unreliable nature. The basses are made of a multifilament Nylgut core overspun with high quality silver plated copper. These strings feature a high resistance to tensile stress and lower absorption of both atmospheric humidity and sweat. This makes for rapid and stable intonation plus greater durability.
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19C Normal Tension £ 13.50 £ 13.25 £ 13.00
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20C Superior Tension £ 13.50 £ 13.25 £ 13.00
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Aquila Perla Classical StringsAquila Perla Classical Strings
Aquila's Perla sets use perfectly rounded nylon monofilament trebles which boast excellent acoustic and mechanical properties. The basses, wound with silver plated copper, consist of a core made from a new synthetic material providing greater resistance to tensile stress and low absorbtion of moisture. The result is rapid and stable intonation. Like all Aquila sets these strings are suitable for the highest quality guitars.
Code Description 1 to 4 5 to 9 1 5 10+ Qty In Stock
37C Normal Tension £ 12.75 £ 12.50 £ 12.25
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38C Superior Tension £ 12.75 £ 12.50 £ 12.25
In Stock

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