Several Types of Vocal Music Explanations and Instruments

Art is a science whose work can be easily found in society and has entered into people’s lives. Various works of art that have been created and support human life from various kinds of art among all branches of art, art music is one of the most developed branches that can be very much interested.

This fact is quite evident if we look at art lessons at school in general, so more students choose to study music rather than fine arts or dance besides that almost every time we easily hear and see people listening to music in various places. Therefore people prefer the art of music because it is easy to learn and understand.

The function of the arts of music including as a means of entertainment, expression of one’s day, a means of calming the heart or as a accompaniment to other performances Monday. Of the various functions contained in the art of music, it’s no wonder that music has become a part of everyday life and is able to live in the activities of people working in the world of music.

In the process of studying the world of art in depth then not only memorizing or knowing it is generally interpreted as but also must know various kinds of things related to music art ranging from forming elements, branches or types in this discussion we will discuss the types of art music and instruments through the explanation and review below.

Vocal Music Type

Vocal music can be interpreted as music derived from human voices obtained from a person who sings or a group of people without any accompanying or supporting voices. In the work produced by vocal music is very dependent on the type of vocal music vocal has divided into several types based on several things if seen from the number of people who produce vocal sounds, it can be divided into several.

  • Solo, a type of vocal music that is produced from a singer only.
  • Choir, a type of vocal music produced by many singers with various types of sounds that are put together into a single unit.
  • Group, a type of vocal music produced by several people in one sound unit.

Type of Instrument Music

Regarding the types of vocal music and instruments, the next will discuss the types of music instruments. Music instrument is explained as music that is produced from a sound of a good music instrument, a modern music instrument or a traditional music instrument, a common music instrument that is often used as a music instrument including violin, piano drum, guitar and many others that are often used in a good music performance. it is both instrument and mix with vocals.

Music Presentation

In the process of presenting each piece of music can be distinguished based on the music contained therein. Presentation of vocal music will be more different from the presentation of music instruments and mixes in terms of the work produced and even also with the type of connoisseurs of the work. Here are some explanations about music based on the type of vocal and instrument music.

  1. Acapella, music whose presentation only uses vocal sound alone in a group that originally developed as church music.
  2. Nasyid, Nasyid is also the same as acapella which is music with only vocal sounds and is a work in Islam. In the presentation each person will have their respective roles to imitate the sounds of certain instruments.
  3. Drum Band, a drum band is a musical presentation composed of various kinds of musical instruments without any additional vocals in them. The current drum band has become one of the branches or types of music that are contested starting from the national level to the international level.
  4. Instrumental music, the presentation of music that only uses other instruments is intrumental music which will usually be performed by a music group with various instruments in it.
  5. Band music, this type of music is a mixture of instrument music in which there are also vocal sounds with lyrics and tones that match the sound of the instrument. In band music, instruments that are usually used include drums, piano or keyboard, guitar, bass, and others. Each genre of music played by a music band will determine what tools are used.
  6. Dangdut music, dangdut music is also a type of music that presents a mixture of vocal music and instrument music and is almost the same as band music. What distinguishes between band music and dangdut music is the instrument used. Typically, dangdut will use a drum in every work produced.

Those are some explanations about the types of vocal music and instruments that we can differentiate into music vocals and music instruments and can increase understanding in the learning process in the music world.

Indonesian Traditional Music Instruments

Indonesia has many tribes with diverse cultures including traditional musical instruments. But who would have thought it turns out there is a traditional instrument that is very worldwide.

Let’s look at traditional musical instruments in Indonesia
which are not only famous in the country but internationally as follows.

Get to know some of the most popular Indonesian traditional musical instruments

1. Angklung is a traditional musical instrument originating from West Java. This Angklung is made of bamboo and is played by shaking it. This one musical instrument is very worldwide which has successfully amazed the audience of foreigners such as Americans and French angkung also has become an Indonesian heritage that must be preserved.

2. Sasando is a musical instrument typical of the southeastern east rote land made of palm leaves. This instrument is shaped like a harp and is played by picking like a guitar. Sasando has also been known since the 2013 WOW concert held in wonderful Indonesia.

3. Gamelan is a traditional instrument originating from the land of Java. It turned out that this one musical instrument favored by world musicians. Gamelan was also taught and entered the curriculum in several foreign schools such as the United States.

4. Kendang is a traditional music instrument that comes from Sundanese, but there are some who say it is from East Java. We often find this instrument to accompany traditional dances. And many countries have used this one musical instrument to accompany other music.

5. Bonang is one of Indonesia’s traditional musical instruments that is worldwide. Bonang comes from the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Java. The way to play bonang is by beating it to produce a sound. This instrument is almost every event in Java is always in use.

6. Harp Indonesian musical instruments from western Sulawesi. Which is played by picking so that it can make the sound of the cordophones in rhythm.

7. Rabab is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument originating from West Java. The shape of this instrument resembles a bow. As a typical Sundanese traditional musical instrument there is a thick nuance that is played by rubbing like a violin.

8. Kompang traditional music instruments originating from Lampung area. Musical instruments made of goat skin or wood that are played by being hit.

9. Cutting traditional musical instruments originating from southern Sumatra, especially areas with a strong Malay influence. The shape of the cutting instrument is very similar to a tambourine. How to play it exactly the same as the drum being hit and this tool is a lot of sizes that can make a different sound.

10. Drum traditional Malay instruments originating from the Pacific Islands region which of course is very thick with Malay customs. The way to play it is by being hit to make a sound. This Malay drum is an important music tool in the marawis music event.

11. Panting is an Indonesian musical instrument originating from the southern Kalimantan region. Panting is a musical instrument that is typical of the local custom, that is, the banjar tribe is played by plucking the strings to make a cordophon.

12. This traditional drum is probably the most famous drum. Why not, this musical instrument has many variants in Indonesia, call the drum from Yogyakarta, it will definitely be different from other types of drums such as the Malay drum or the banten drum. This drum beating produces a membrane sound.

13. Aramba is a musical instrument from northern Sumatra precisely in the island of Nias. The type of sound that the aramba produces is ideophones. Aramba is played by being hit with its own striking instrument similar to a Javanese gong musical instrument.

14. Saluang is a traditional wind instrument originating from West Sumatra. This tool is almost the same as a flute but simpler only has 4 sequential holes. The story used to be said to have a mantra or power to hypnotize someone or the audience.




Talk a lot about the guitar less complete without its accessories. In this post I try to discuss about guitar accessories. Hopefully this post can add to your insight.

The Following Types Of Guitar Accessories And Their Use:

1. Case
Or often called a guitar bag used to store the guitar or can be used to protect the guitar when taken away. There are two kinds of cases, namely hardcase and softcase. Hardcase made of wood or plastic and Softcase made of cloth. The price of left softcase is around 100,000 and the hardcase around 600 thousand depends on quality.

2. Pick

Its usefulness as a tool for picking guitar strings. So those who are afraid of blisters can use this pick. This type of pick is thick and some are thin. The thick one is usually for picking bass strings. thin pick prices around 5 thousand and around 20 thousand thick.

3. Strap
This is a tool so we can play the guitar while standing. This strap is not only used on electric guitars with a little toilet we can also install a strap on an acoustic guitar. The price of a 30,000 skitar strap is good if there is 200 thousand.

4. Guitar Hanger
Its purpose is to hang the guitar wall when not in use. But there is also a model below, called Stand. The price of a 25,000 skitar guitar hanger and a booth is around 100 thousands.

5. Screeching Halt
Its purpose is to close the holes on the acoustic guitar so they don’t experience feedback. And Screeching Halt can improve the sound on an acoustic guitar. Screeching Halt is sold at a price of 100 thousand.

6. Capo
Its purpose is to clamp a string with the aim of raising the base note. The price is around 50 thousand.

7. String Winder
This tool is used to rotate the tuning or peg faster. Used when you want to take the strings off, not to stem the guitar. The price is around 50 thousand

8. Slider
Used for guitarists who like to play country music and bluse who use a lot of slide techniques. How to use just insert the little finger or ring finger on this cylindrical slider.

9. Tuner
This tool makes it easy for you to stem or set the guitar tone. The workings of this tool detect and display pitch when the guitar is played. There are several types of guitar tuners that are portable and can be kept in a pocket, there is also a tuner clip that is a tuner that is clamped on the headstock. from google