Indonesian Traditional Music Instruments

Indonesia has many tribes with diverse cultures including traditional musical instruments. But who would have thought it turns out there is a traditional instrument that is very worldwide.

Let’s look at traditional musical instruments in Indonesia
which are not only famous in the country but internationally as follows.

Get to know some of the most popular Indonesian traditional musical instruments

1. Angklung is a traditional musical instrument originating from West Java. This Angklung is made of bamboo and is played by shaking it. This one musical instrument is very worldwide which has successfully amazed the audience of foreigners such as Americans and French angkung also has become an Indonesian heritage that must be preserved.

2. Sasando is a musical instrument typical of the southeastern east rote land made of palm leaves. This instrument is shaped like a harp and is played by picking like a guitar. Sasando has also been known since the 2013 WOW concert held in wonderful Indonesia.

3. Gamelan is a traditional instrument originating from the land of Java. It turned out that this one musical instrument favored by world musicians. Gamelan was also taught and entered the curriculum in several foreign schools such as the United States.

4. Kendang is a traditional music instrument that comes from Sundanese, but there are some who say it is from East Java. We often find this instrument to accompany traditional dances. And many countries have used this one musical instrument to accompany other music.

5. Bonang is one of Indonesia’s traditional musical instruments that is worldwide. Bonang comes from the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Java. The way to play bonang is by beating it to produce a sound. This instrument is almost every event in Java is always in use.

6. Harp Indonesian musical instruments from western Sulawesi. Which is played by picking so that it can make the sound of the cordophones in rhythm.

7. Rabab is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument originating from West Java. The shape of this instrument resembles a bow. As a typical Sundanese traditional musical instrument there is a thick nuance that is played by rubbing like a violin.

8. Kompang traditional music instruments originating from Lampung area. Musical instruments made of goat skin or wood that are played by being hit.

9. Cutting traditional musical instruments originating from southern Sumatra, especially areas with a strong Malay influence. The shape of the cutting instrument is very similar to a tambourine. How to play it exactly the same as the drum being hit and this tool is a lot of sizes that can make a different sound.

10. Drum traditional Malay instruments originating from the Pacific Islands region which of course is very thick with Malay customs. The way to play it is by being hit to make a sound. This Malay drum is an important music tool in the marawis music event.

11. Panting is an Indonesian musical instrument originating from the southern Kalimantan region. Panting is a musical instrument that is typical of the local custom, that is, the banjar tribe is played by plucking the strings to make a cordophon.

12. This traditional drum is probably the most famous drum. Why not, this musical instrument has many variants in Indonesia, call the drum from Yogyakarta, it will definitely be different from other types of drums such as the Malay drum or the banten drum. This drum beating produces a membrane sound.

13. Aramba is a musical instrument from northern Sumatra precisely in the island of Nias. The type of sound that the aramba produces is ideophones. Aramba is played by being hit with its own striking instrument similar to a Javanese gong musical instrument.

14. Saluang is a traditional wind instrument originating from West Sumatra. This tool is almost the same as a flute but simpler only has 4 sequential holes. The story used to be said to have a mantra or power to hypnotize someone or the audience.



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