Some Foreign Traditional Musical Instruments

Each region or country has its own unique musical instrument, and the name of the musical instrument in each country or region is different. As one example from Indonesia, the angklung musical instrument, this musical instrument comes from the province of West Java, the musical instrument made of bamboo is played by shaking it, the angklung instrument itself is worldwide and has successfully impressed the audience in France and also the United States , Angklung has also been recognized as an Indonesian heritage by UNESCO. That is a little explanation of traditional musical instruments from Indonesia, other countries certainly have traditional musical instruments.

Understanding Musical instruments themselves are instruments that are created or modified to produce music, music is also a form of art that is created by the arrangement of sounds that have a status, harmony, combined and contain certain meanings. Musical instruments have 3 functions, namely melody function, harmonious function and rhythmic function, musical instruments also have many types, such as musical instruments that can be blown, musical instruments that can be swiped, until they can be hit.

Here are traditional foreign musical instruments


Orgel is a musical instrument that originates from the Land of the Windmills, namely the Netherlands. The shape of the organ is almost like a piano at a glance, because it is almost the same shape, but the difference is that there are a lot of pipes in the organ that sound the source.
Over time this organ has continued to develop and is becoming known by many other countries, and usually the organ is used or located in churches that still use the classic concept.



Bagpipes are musical instruments that originated in Scotland. This traditional musical instrument is in the form of a bag that is given a pipe as a sound source, usually this instrument is played by Scottish citizens using a set of traditional clothes from the country, how to play Bagpipes by blown.
In the Bagpipe there are 5 pipes, four pipes above and one pipe at the end of the bag called the chanter, to adjust to the Scottish national identity which is identical to the tartan fabric usually on the bag using a tartan patterned cloth. This instrument has a distinctive sound, which is a combination of loud, squeaky and snaking sounds, but still tunable, this instrument is usually played at celebrations such as weddings, music shows, and other events.


Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco guitar, a musical instrument that originated from Spain, a typical guitar of this country is indeed quite famous in the world. At first glance this guitar is almost the same as a classical acoustic guitar in general. What makes this guitar different is in terms of raw material which makes the sound produced softer than a guitar in general, its size tends to be smaller.

Many people consider that the Flamenco Guitar should be played by direct finger picking to produce perfect sound or not using the help of a pick, this guitar is usually used by the Spanish community in many art events.



Janggu is a musical instrument that originated in Korea, if you often watch Korean dramas with saegeuk or royal themes, surely you have seen this traditional Korean musical instrument. At first glance janggu looks like a Korean-style drum, Janggu musical instrument shaped like an hourglass is played by beating using two special sticks.
Janggu itself is often used in many cultural events in Korea including certain performances or ceremonies.



Qanun traditional musical instrument that comes from Arabic, Qanun is often referred to as the Arabic lute. The shape of this musical instrument is half a trapezoid with 81 strings and plays it using four fingers.
Requires sufficient skills to play the Qanun instrument because it is classified as a traditional musical instrument that is difficult to play, this instrument is usually played for religious ceremonies.



Grajabpi is a musical instrument from Thailand, Thailand. This instrument is usually referred to as a harp but plays it easier because it consists of only three strings of a string.
In Thailand this instrument is usually played in many traditional and cultural events, to play this instrument, the player usually takes the Grajabpi.


Dan Gao

Dan Gao, a musical instrument from Vietnam, how to play this instrument by swiping it. Gao is usually always used in a Vietnamese orchestral performance and Vietnamese cultural performance, to make Dan Gao use old coconut shell raw materials.



Tumpong one of the musical instruments originating from the Philippines, when you see this musical instrument you might be mistaken with a musical instrument from Indonesia, which is a flute, because it really looks like fun