Talk a lot about the guitar less complete without its accessories. In this post I try to discuss about guitar accessories. Hopefully this post can add to your insight.

The Following Types Of Guitar Accessories And Their Use:

1. Case
Or often called a guitar bag used to store the guitar or can be used to protect the guitar when taken away. There are two kinds of cases, namely hardcase and softcase. Hardcase made of wood or plastic and Softcase made of cloth. The price of left softcase is around 100,000 and the hardcase around 600 thousand depends on quality.

2. Pick

Its usefulness as a tool for picking guitar strings. So those who are afraid of blisters can use this pick. This type of pick is thick and some are thin. The thick one is usually for picking bass strings. thin pick prices around 5 thousand and around 20 thousand thick.

3. Strap
This is a tool so we can play the guitar while standing. This strap is not only used on electric guitars with a little toilet we can also install a strap on an acoustic guitar. The price of a 30,000 skitar strap is good if there is 200 thousand.

4. Guitar Hanger
Its purpose is to hang the guitar wall when not in use. But there is also a model below, called Stand. The price of a 25,000 skitar guitar hanger and a booth is around 100 thousands.

5. Screeching Halt
Its purpose is to close the holes on the acoustic guitar so they don’t experience feedback. And Screeching Halt can improve the sound on an acoustic guitar. Screeching Halt is sold at a price of 100 thousand.

6. Capo
Its purpose is to clamp a string with the aim of raising the base note. The price is around 50 thousand.

7. String Winder
This tool is used to rotate the tuning or peg faster. Used when you want to take the strings off, not to stem the guitar. The price is around 50 thousand

8. Slider
Used for guitarists who like to play country music and bluse who use a lot of slide techniques. How to use just insert the little finger or ring finger on this cylindrical slider.

9. Tuner
This tool makes it easy for you to stem or set the guitar tone. The workings of this tool detect and display pitch when the guitar is played. There are several types of guitar tuners that are portable and can be kept in a pocket, there is also a tuner clip that is a tuner that is clamped on the headstock. from google

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